Portals and their inhabitants

Portals and their inhabitants
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Portals and their inhabitants

Did you ever see the paintings which change colours according to the light? I'm sure you did. But what about the paintings which change their colour, shape, meaning and plot, according to the light, place, mood and the eyes of seeing? Or the paintings which come alive and moving, once you gaze at them for a while or, on the contrary, pretend that you are not looking at them? Or those which can change your life, bring you some new energy and restore your balance?

From 15th October you have a chance to see that in an art bar "Kitsch", on a personal exhibition of Kattana's magic paintings. The artist from Moscow, successfully touring in different parts of our planet and few other friendly universes, she is also a creator of popular “Tarot of Wishmaster Manikins”.

Kattana's paintings open the portals into other universes, where each can find what he misses in this world. Peculiar lines turn into faces of people or beasts, ships, castles, or they blaze like fire and drag you into the vortex of winds. You never know how they will behave with you at any moment. Sometimes they breathe chthonic force, sometimes sound like a rascal musical party. Those images are not just interior gems, but the pet home spirits, opening the doors to Unknown and a yet another riddle of the Universe. And... Of course, there is a little bit of magic. A little bit!

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