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Magazine " Restaurant business" ("Restauranu verslas")

Paskelbk savo straipsnį

Magazine"Restauranu verslas" is distributed to all Lithuanian restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, clubs and other food service, accommodation and entertainment institutions. Magazine is published since 2004 ant it was pointed to owners, managers, workers and other professionals in

HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) sector. Since 2010 every issue is added with content for consumer sector and the circle of readers has grown up. Now the magazine consists of two parts - the "restaurant business", focused on HoReCa market professionals and “menu.lt” part, focused on the consumer/purchaser.

Magazine readers:

  • Professionals – owners, chefs, managers, cooks, barmen, waitress and other personal of restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, hotels, entertainment complexes, gourmet shops and other HoReCa sector institutions. Hardware and service vendors, importers, manufacturers and other suppliers of HoReCa sector are the readers of magazine also.
  • Consumers/purchasers – the restaurant, bar, cafes visitors, interested in healthy nutrition, seeking for good food, drinks and quality of life.
  • Visitors of gourmet and specialized shops, and all supporters and interested not only in restaurants culture, but food and any topic in general.

The mission of magazine is:

  • To introduce the news of the innovative technologies, concepts, trends, exhibitions, championships, products and services to all Lithuania HoReCa sector.
  • Helping suppliers of food products, drinks, other goods and services "to find" buyers, and buyers - to choose the right products, suppliers, contractors or vendors.
  • To advise the food service, hotel and entertainment business professionals
  • and representatives of agencies, as well as educate customers and to be his guide and adviser in food.
  • To get acquainted with interesting objects,people and various products, culinary travel, providing information about market news, nutrition, new products and other actual information of food sector.
  • Topics that are covered in every issue:
  • Food-service business models, technologies, equipment reviews and presentations.
  • Presentation of products for restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels.
  • New restaurants, hotels or entertainment objects presentations.
  • Restaurants, hotels or entertainment objects interior and exterior solutions.
  • Information of associations, organizations relating to the food service.
  • Statistical data, analysis and market overview, news, reviews and exhibition announcements.
  • Various drinks and food product descriptions and presentations.
  • Recipes, cooking the various peoples of the national product presentations.
  • Healthy eating and diet presentations.
  • Gourmet tours, culinary presentations from different countries.
  • Nutrition expert articles and speeches.

Characteristic: ~100 pages full colored magazine for Lithuanian HoReCa and food consumer market.
Periodicity: 2 issues per year.
Circulation: 7'000 copies print version (the magazine audience: ~ 12'000 readers) and ~ 4'000-5'000 e-paper PDF version (on www.restoranuverslas.lt  website).

Market characteristic: Lithuania – Eastern Europe (Baltic) country, EU member, population approx. 3 mln, GDP per capita $16,481. Food service sector ~ 4'500 units, hotels-motels sector ~ 1'200 units.

Contact us: by e-mail arturas@meniu.lt, or by mobile phone +370 699 37833 (00370 966 37833)