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New service in Lithuania – reliable food delivery straight to your home or office

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How it works and why it is comfortable for the user
When customer wants to make an order he comes to website www.lekste.lt . He chooses his district/location where he wants to have the delivery. After it, he will see all the restaurants which deliver food to desired area and chooses one. Now customer puts desired meals to the basket and goes forward where he needs to type in delivery details (delivery address, contact details and comments). After it, customer confirms the order and all information goes to the restaurant. User will see the confirmation from the restaurant on the screen, after the restaurant will confirm the order.

Restaurant can confirm or reject the order; also, it can change delivery time if they are busy by the specific time. If restaurant changes the time, user is able to accept or reject the new offered time.

When customer wants to order food, he follows four steps:
1 Chooses his location
2 Chooses the restaurant
3 Chooses the food
4 Types in the delivery information

Benefits for the restaurant

  • Convenience and time saving
  • Restaurant staff does not need to answer phone calls to receive the order. Also, it does not need to write down the orders on the paper, as it is already printed on the check. Moreover, staff avoids inappropriate calls, which can offend them or disrupt their work.
  • Attractive terms of payment and precise sales reports
  • Restaurant has only commission fee. This means, that if there are no sales, they do not need to pay for the service. This solution is attractive due to the fact, that risk for investment is very low. Another benefit for the restaurants is that they receive detailed sales reports after the month. It helps to overview sales.

Benefits for the customer
It is comfortable and user friendly website. Most of the food delivery restaurants are at one place. It saves time and also, customer is able to pay for the service by internet or cash.

What do you need if you want to connect your restaurant our system?
It is ability to deliver food to your customer on your own. Also, meet requirements for “State food and veterinary service”
Can restaurants join lekste.lt if they do not have their own transport system?
Yes, restaurants are able to join lekste.lt system, but it works only for takeaways.
Will lekste.lt be offering own delivery service in transportation?
Yes, lekste.lt is preparing to offer own delivery service for the restaurant. It would be beneficial for the restaurant, as it would reduce spending for delivery service maintenance cost.
What monthly service fee applies for the restaurant?
There are no monthly fees for the service. Restaurant is charged for commission fee only.
In which cities the service is operating?
In Vilnius and Kaunas. Lekste.lt is planning to launch in Klaipeda on September.

If You are interested – contact us by e-mail: arturas[eta]meniu.lt