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Why is it so convenient to send a request?

Once you have described what kind of Celebration you want to organize, we will send this request to all the Institutions of your choice that meet the criteria you have selected. The service providers who will be able to organize the Celebration at the time of your choice will contact you with suggestions. If you get the right offer, you will book a Celebration and save time. All you have to do is describe what services you are looking for and wait for your offers.

How will use my contacts?

Your contacts will not be published. Only Institutions of your choice will receive your contacts to contact you.

How many offers will I receive?

The number of bids you can receive is unlimited. You can be contacted by all the Institutions you have contacted for the Celebration. Get ready for it!

How to choose the best offer for the Celebration?

Before selecting a location for the celebration from the offers received, check the service provider's profile on Make sure that the restaurant's interior, kitchen, and additional services meet your expectations, take a look at reviews on

What if I don't get any offers?

If you do not receive any offers, that means the service providers were not interested in your inquiry for the Celebration. Often, the number of offers is determined by the accuracy of the description of the Celebration - the more clearly you define your expectations and wishes, the more likely you are to receive offers.

What should I do when I get the right offer?

If you decide to accept the offer, please check the service provider's page and testimonials on the before ordering services. We also recommend signing our one-page service purchase and sale agreement.